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Memories of Our Home in 1967-1968, by Elizabeth Ann Ball Holmes

In Sept of 1967. We moved in an upstairs apartment. Top Photo shows the corner windows. At this time it was a one room Apt. Shared bath.Firebplace not useable. But Beautiful. We spent first 4 months in this large room. The view of corner of 32st & Woolworth was beautiful when the Snow,Feel. Like a picture postcard, of "Olden" times. You'd expect the HORSE AND SLEIGH, to come by but not in 1967. Across from HANSCOM PARK, one of Omaha's oldest parks. This house was originally owned by Mr. Hanscom,who donated the land that is now HANSCOM PARK, I BELIEVE. Although the snow was Beautiful, SHOVELING IT WAS ANOTHER MATTER. We were custodians of the Birthsite. WE SHOVELED SNOW, including the large driveway, and garage for 4-6 cars. The driveways was large in itself. We had picnics/ family and friend get together's. I baby sat my niece Donna Mather Humphries/ She spent her days, playing on the large porch. With her dolls . One of her favorite games was grocery store. We had a large closet/with a window in it/like a little room. We pretended that was her grocery store. In April of 1968 I had my first Son, Robert Howard Holmes. Something Mrs King and I had in common. Although Rob was born in a hospital. His Birth Certificate is of this address. 3202 Woolworth He is a joy in our lives to this Day. We are proud of Him. Mrs. Ford I'm sure felt the same way. And to See her son, Grow up to be President. Hey Rob how about Politics? No he is total happy as Artist. I'm amazed at his natural talent. See his WEBSITE Link on this page. We lived on the main floor apt. Photo's with us in them on first link page. Bottm Photo. The large windows again. When we heard of the fire and a lady died in that same apt. We were very sad/ if we would have know/maybe we could have told the fireman. All the ways into the apt.Four different doorways. Besides all the windows. They tryed to break thru the large oak double doors. And a single door. 5 foot away from the oak doors. Would have been another way in. A small plain/ wood door. Like a bathroom door. Will find more photo's of this house we took inside. Enjoy for Now. Bettie Ball Holmes

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