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Frank Warren/KB4CYC Home Page

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HAM Radio

I've been licensed in the Amateur Radio Service (HAM Radio) as KB4CYC since November 1982 (Technician class since Dec 1982). I'm currently active on VHF & UHF both FM voice and packet. I belong to the Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society [RATS], the Raritan Valley Radio Club [RVRC], the Piscataway Amateur Radio Club [PARC] and the Bellcore Pioneer's Amateur Radio Association [BPARA].

For more information on Amateur Radio link to the Amateur Radio Page that Andy KB7UV has put together.

I also write software for Amateur Radio.

ACGNJ Genealogy SIG

I currently chair the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey [ACGNJ] Special Interest Group [SIG] on Genealogy and maintain its WEB Pages.

Authored Programs

I've written several programs for the Amateur Radio environment over the years. The programs in current distribution are:

RMAILER provides support for the RMAIL remote list expansion protocol in the packet radio BBS environment along with a rather full featured list server and message rerouter (the rerouter is currently only supported by ROSErver/PRMBS) for any DOS/Windows based BBS able to do message import/export in the "MBL" format. It also runs as a server with the F6FBB BBS system.

The current release, 2.20, is available here as RMAIL220.ZIP.

Station Traffic System [STS]
STS is a utility package under MS-DOS, Windows and UNIX for Amateur Radio Traffic (formal messages often to non-HAMs) handling.

The current PC release, 3.9A, is available here as STSPC39A.ZIP.

Star Trek Fandom

I'm also active in Star Trek fandom as a member of the USS Avenger a chapter in Region 7 of STARFLEET, the International Star Trek Fan Association.

Been There, Done That -- The List

I'm keeping a list of various editions of "Been there, done that ..." Please feel free to send any you may have along.

The Web Warren

I also operate a small Web/Internet consultancy as a side business in conjunction with my girlfriend, Brenda Bell, that we call The Web Warren.

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